The Best Material for Concealed Carry Attire

Lightweight cotton is a great option for concealed carry attire as it absorbs sweat and keeps you comfortable. Learn more about choosing materials for concealed carry attire.

The Best Material for Concealed Carry Attire

Lightweight cotton is a great option for concealed carry attire, as it is designed to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable. Alternatively, you can opt for sportswear fabrics that are specifically designed for this purpose. An undershirt can also be worn to protect the skin from chafing caused by the gun or holster. The classic hidden carrying case is an unbuttoned flannel or denim shirt, with long or short sleeves, whichever you prefer.

It provides a cover, allows the use of an IWB cover or a high-traction OWB cover and looks presentable at a good price. When wearing shorts, you must take into account the waist size, as most summer shorts usually have elastic waistbands, a single push button, a knotted waist and, in general, they do not have belt loops. This means that they may not be able to support the weight of the firearm and the holster. Cleaning a lightweight cotton tank top in summer is very different from a thick winter sweater or jacket.

Therefore, it is important to be prepared to access your firearm no matter what you're wearing. When using an IWB holster, the only part of the gun that could be open to public view is the handle, which makes it much easier to hide it with clothes. A loose shirt or polo shirt could be all you need to keep the grip of your gun hidden. Even the tightest pants size in these types of fabric can't support the weight of your hidden carrying system on its own.

Reviewing your closet and trying on different outfits can help you get a better idea of what works with your hidden object lifestyle and what doesn't work. The trick to effectively concealing the transport of clothing is to find the perfect balance between concealment and accessibility. Another thing to consider when choosing a shirt to wear with your concealed carry configuration is the color of the shirt. The second step in learning how to wear clothing in a hidden way is to choose the best concealed carrying method for your body type and professional attire.

Many people think that the only way to hide what they are wearing in their weekend clothes is to wear baggy pants and a loose blouse. However, there are several styles of shirts that will work for wearing them hidden. If you plan to carry your gun concealed in a foldable case while wearing professional attire, consider buying pants that are one or two sizes larger than your regular size. In this comprehensive practical guide, you'll learn that dressing for hidden wear doesn't have to be difficult.

While it seems relatively complex to wear it concealed in a business casual, there is a great deal of flexibility available to do so. Many men would say that banning concealed carrying in the workplace is against the constitutional rights of American workers. While you're wearing it hidden with a dress shirt tucked in, or with any casual business attire, it's important to note that there's a big difference between covering the gun and effectively hiding it. What that means is identifying the pants, the shirt, and any garment you have that will work for your concealed carry setup.