How to Choose the Right Concealed Carry Attire

When it comes to concealed carry there are special considerations when selecting fits for concealed carry attire. Learn how to select shirts, pants and outerwear styles so you can dress and wear it with confidence.

How to Choose the Right Concealed Carry Attire

When it comes to concealed carry, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right fit for your attire. First, make sure you select an ankle cover that fits your shoes. To wear it up to the ankle, you only need pants that are loose enough to easily cover the weapon, and that it fastens easily to uncover it. Loose pants or jeans are easy to find, so it's a no-brainer.

Another thing to consider when choosing a shirt to wear with your concealed carry configuration is the color of the shirt. We found that darker colors mask the impression better because they don't show as many shades. If you're wearing a white or light-colored shirt, you're more likely to see the shadows of how the shirt is leaning against the gun and holster. Many people think that the only way to hide what they're wearing in their weekend clothes is to wear loose-fitting pants and a loose-fitting blouse. However, this isn't necessarily true.

It's important to note that if the method of transportation is awkward or if you find it difficult to keep the firearm hidden, most of the time concealed carry licensors choose to leave their firearm at home. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the method of transportation and the clothing used to hide the firearm. Even the tightest pants size in these types of fabric can't support the weight of your hidden carrying system on its own. Below you will find several styles of shirts, some of which you probably already have in your closet, that will work for wearing them hidden. Trousers with belt loops will be ideal for hidden wear because the cover will most likely work better with a belt.

Many women think that when they decide to start wearing hidden clothes it means that they have to buy a completely new wardrobe, change the size of all their clothes or just put on an inelegant cape and they will be ready to wear. The advantage of silk shirts when it comes to wearing them hidden is their structure, breathability and the way they fit the body. They're also probably the easiest holder to carry in a hidden way, since they're tall enough to hold and cover the firearm. Some will say that you need to have a belt made specifically to be worn in a hidden way, but with the recent innovations of clips for beltless covers (UltiClip, Fabriclip, Discreet Carry Concepts), you now have some options so that you can go without a belt if you want to. One of the most effective ways to hide and carry a gun is to place a slightly larger sweater over the top of an IWB holster. If you decide to wear it hidden under a closed jacket, there are a couple of tips, tricks, etc.

that can help you clean the garment more easily and effectively. Whether your favorite style is pants or dress pants, tight or boyfriend jeans, boot cut or flared leg, or even leggings, you can make hidden transport work for you, but you'll have to be flexible and open to adapting to some changes, whether in the carrying position or in the cover, or both. In this definitive guide, you'll find tips and advice on concealed carry clothing so you know how to select the right shirt, pants, and outerwear styles so you can dress and wear it with confidence. And then there are the leggings, skirts and other sports garments hidden with the cover built into the waist.