How to Wear Concealed Carry Attire and Keep Your Firearm Hidden

Learn how to wear concealed carry attire and keep your firearm hidden with these tips on choosing clothing styles and sizes.

How to Wear Concealed Carry Attire and Keep Your Firearm Hidden

If you're a first-time concealed carrier, you've probably spent weeks or even months researching the weapon that best fits your concealed carry needs. But what about the clothing? What type of clothing should you wear to ensure that your firearm is not visible while wearing concealed carry attire? The answer is simple: if it covers the gun, it's good concealed carrying clothing. You only need pants that aren't too tight to insert an IWB cover behind your waist, and a shirt that's long and spacious enough to cover the gun and not produce the telltale bulge of a gun. There are ways to effectively hide a gun under a t-shirt.

It's harder to achieve, but not impossible. First of all, what may work for one person may not work for another, so experimenting at home with a mirror and various shirt styles can help you discover what works best for you. We've found that loose-fitting shirts work better than tight shirts. They can be t-shirts, dress shirts, polos, regardless of the style, a looser shirt will show fewer prints with the transport system.

If you're going to buy clothes to hide your gun, you won't wear your usual size. The waist of the pants should be one to two inches larger than normal. In the images above, you can see the handprint of the firearm. To avoid this, increasing the size of a shirt will help.

Wearing a shirt with a pattern, such as a checkered shirt, will hide the impression better than any plain colored shirt. One of the most effective ways to hide and carry a gun is to place a slightly larger sweater over the top of an IWB holster. For men who prefer to carry a gun but don't want to do so in an obvious way, it's imperative to know how to hide it safely and stylishly. Each person may discover that one way of dressing to carry hidden items works better for them than another, and that's okay.

Sometimes it's too hot to wear a sweater or jacket, but that doesn't mean you have to stop wearing hidden items in the warmer months. A jacket doesn't need to be specially designed to be worn in a hidden way to be an effective means of hiding your weapon. Inside the waist covers are popular to wear hidden because, well, they're easy to hide. Many men would say that banning concealed carrying in the workplace is against the constitutional rights of American workers.

For women, if wearing concealed clothing isn't just practical for their favorite outfits, they'll have to sacrifice the clothes they love or risk their safety. However, most can make small adjustments to clothing to make it much easier to hide and carry a gun. The corset cover is similar to the belly button cover in that it allows you to hide it without having to wear a gun belt. But let's take a step back and see the most effective ways to carry a weapon in a hidden way when you're wearing your best two-piece tailoring.

With the hidden carrying dress, it will be easier to draw from the outside of the thigh, but if you practice enough, you might also be able to draw quickly from the inside of the thigh. No matter what type of clothing you choose for concealed carrying attire, it's important that you practice drawing from your holster so that you can do so quickly and safely when needed. With some practice and experimentation with different types of clothing styles and sizes, you'll soon find what works best for you.