How to Dress for Concealed Carry: Tips and Advice for Properly Concealing Your Firearm

When it comes to properly concealing your firearm while wearing concealed carry attire, opt for a shirt with holster or polo shirt. Learn tips & advice on selecting right clothing styles & fabrics so that your firearm is properly hidden.

How to Dress for Concealed Carry: Tips and Advice for Properly Concealing Your Firearm

When it comes to properly concealing your firearm, the right clothing can make all the difference. To ensure that your firearm is properly hidden, opt for a shirt with a holster, a polo shirt, or a buttoned belt. The classic concealed carry look is an unbuttoned flannel or denim shirt, with long or short sleeves, whichever you prefer. It provides a cover, allows the use of an IWB cover or a high-traction OWB cover, and looks presentable at a good price.

However, what may work for one person may not work for another, so experimenting at home with a mirror and various shirt styles can help you discover what works best for you. Loose-fitting shirts tend to work better than tight shirts. They can be t-shirts, dress shirts, polos - regardless of the style, a looser shirt will show fewer prints with the transport system. If you tuck the shirt over the concealed carry gun, the transparent cover will change, as you'll have to do a few things differently. There are a lot of tips you can incorporate into your style to make it easier for you to dress to wear them in a concealed way. In this definitive guide, you'll find tips and advice on concealed carry clothing so you know how to select the right shirt, pants, and outerwear styles so you can dress and wear it with confidence.

All of these types of natural fabrics have their own type of structure (weight) that works well when worn in a concealed way. You can wear concealed casual clothes for a fairly casual style, such as Dirty Harry, Miami Vice or Steve McQueen in Bullitt, all of which have police officers sheathed on their shoulders with elegant jackets and shirts. As you gain more experience and confidence in your own concealed carrying journey, you'll realize that proper concealment, when it comes to style, means striking the right balance between distracting the view of the passerby and, at the same time, reducing the impression (the visible outline of the firearm).If you decide to wear it concealed under a closed jacket, there are a couple of tips, tricks, etc. that can help you clean the garment more easily and effectively.

I have the Urban Carry holster; my firearm is so hidden that no one even knows that I have a gun. Instead, what you should know about concealed carrying clothing is how to hide your gun, the concealed carrying case, and other items from your EDC; how to cover if you have to draw; and how your clothes work in the system as a whole. Whether your favorite style is pants or dress pants, tight or boyfriend jeans, boot cut or flared leg, or even leggings - you can make concealed carry work for you but you'll have to be flexible and open to adapting to some changes - whether in the carrying position or in the cover - or both. Wearing a jacket as part of your concealed carry attire is a personal preference and a weather-based decision. In the ideal concealed carry situation, no one knows you have a gun until you use it - and if you're lucky - that means no one will ever know you have a gun. They're also probably the easiest holder to carry in a concealed way since they're tall enough to hold and cover the firearm.

The term “dry drawing” may be new to you but it's a fairly simple concept and a vital component of any closet and concealed clothing lifestyle.