How to Properly Conceal Your Firearm While Wearing Concealed Carry Attire

Learn how to properly conceal your firearm while wearing concealed carry attire without compromising access or comfort. Find out what clothing combinations work best for hiding your gun.

How to Properly Conceal Your Firearm While Wearing Concealed Carry Attire

Concealing your firearm while wearing concealed carry attire can be a tricky task. But with the right knowledge and practice, you can ensure that your firearm is properly concealed without compromising access. Rear covers are a great way to hide your firearm without compromising access. This type of cover is usually used on the back and is made with a belt clip.

When using a small rear cover (SOB), make sure that the gun is placed in the center of the back and slightly tilted downwards to ensure easy access. Formal button-down shirts are inherently tighter and less elastic than a t-shirt, factors that can also hinder a clean tie. Of course, the best way to hide your gun will depend on what you're wearing and the type of firearm you're wearing. Practice how to arm yourself before you have to put on your concealed carrying suit.

Know what clothing combinations work, which ones have problems, and then dress with confidence knowing that you have taken precautions to ensure that you carry your firearm legally. If you have to completely change the way you dress to hide your firearm, you're unlikely to wear it every day. An OWB belt cover requires you to wear pants with a belt. To hide it when you wear the OWB, you probably need an undershirt and an undershirt, such as a flannel or a vest. This is fine for some, but it's not an option for most, especially in hot climates. The most common problem with concealed transportation of clothing is known as “printing”.

Printing occurs when the shape of the firearm is visible through clothing. To avoid printing, look for weapons with a small profile, low caliber, and a simple exterior. Many of their hidden transport garments have an “internal passage”, a design option that allows the user to slide their hand through a hidden cloth opening and access the firearm they keep on their hips. Finding a clip that allows you to put a shirt in front of the cover can be beneficial if you're trying to hide it while you're dressed smartly and without a coat. There are a few options when it comes to covers you can carry with you, each one will have a different level of concealability and comfort. Also note that you usually shoot a gun with a full grip better than one that only allows a partial grip, but having a full grip tends to cause the gun to imprint through clothing when you're wearing it hidden.

Many men would say that banning concealed carrying in the workplace is against the constitutional rights of American workers. I produce the Concealed Carry podcast and coordinate the Concealed Carry Instructor Network, and direct MJ Maruster Defense. Ultimately, when you wear it concealed while you're stylishly dressed, it all comes down to what you prefer and what meets your needs. However, if the goal of the game is to carry in a hidden way, a smaller caliber weapon is a better option for reasons of subtlety.