How to Conceal Carry in Hot Weather: Tips for Summer Gun Owners

Carrying a firearm during hot weather can be challenging - especially when it comes to concealing it! Learn how to dress for summer while still keeping your gun hidden.

How to Conceal Carry in Hot Weather: Tips for Summer Gun Owners

Carrying a firearm in the summer months can be a challenge, especially when it comes to concealing it. Inside the waist covers are generally considered the best way to hide transport in summer. These covers can be hidden even under a simple t-shirt, making it much easier to wear them in the warmer seasons. To make sure your firearm is concealed and secure, there are a few tips you should keep in mind when dressing for summer. One of the best hidden transport ideas for summer is to wear an elastic and breathable fabric.

Look for materials that have an absorbent property. Absorption allows moisture to escape, helping you stay cool. Cotton fabrics retain perspiration, but materials that absorb moisture stay dry, which is important when carrying a firearm. When cotton is moistened by sweat, it can easily be printed with the outline of your firearm and reveal your concealed carry. Try to use inner and outer layers that absorb moisture for added safety.

The inner layer will prevent your skin from rubbing against your firearm and the outer layer will help you hide it. First, opt for loose-fitting clothing. Tight clothing will hug your firearm and make its outline noticeable even if it's covered. With loose-fitting clothes, this is not a problem. In the same way, avoid putting your shirt in, since putting on a loose shirt will basically make it tight.

Moisture-wicking fabrics can help you tremendously in the summer months. The elastic and breathable fabric will not only keep you cool, but it will also keep your firearm hidden. Consider using an inner and outer layer that absorbs moisture. The inside will protect your skin from excessive contact and rubbing from the gun, while the outside will hide the firearm. Fortunately, light, loose-fitting clothing never goes out of style.

Looser and lighter clothing is not only more comfortable, but it's also cooler because it allows air to circulate. Wear a long cotton shirt with your summer shorts and skirts to easily hide your firearm around your waist or belt. Printed shirts and dresses work well to camouflage and minimize the appearance of any lump. Wearing it around the waist is an excellent option and the Kydex Slim Carry cover is perfect for summer, with its non-slip wing that minimizes printing. The magnetic waist cover is a very popular cover for the simple reason that it does not require a belt or a heavy waist to attach. If you're wearing summer dresses, the Flashbang bra cover is a good option, as is the Pistol Wear Under Arm, which is made of breathable fabric.

As you can see, there are quite a few good options to wear in a hidden way in summer. Carrying it in a hidden carrying bag introduces much higher levels of risk and provides access to your weapon that no one should have. With so much distress, along with a lack of understanding and tolerance for the concealed carry lifestyle you've chosen, many want to make you feel like a paranoid gun-crazed person if you're known to carry guns. If you're not wearing enough clothing to properly hide the firearm in your body, you may want to consider carrying it outside your body. Concealed transportation for larger women has some additional problems that only aggravate the already difficult problem of finding covers that can be used comfortably, discreetly and safely and that allow effective access to the weapon if necessary. When you learn to wear hidden clothes in summer, you will discover that, unfortunately, wearing light clothing can cause chafing. Due to the discomfort caused by heat and sweat, many gun owners simply don't want to carry them in a hidden way during the summer.

This is why it's common for concealed carry permit holders to have several firearms that they can carry, depending on what the situation requires. Whether you choose to use a holster or backpack to carry in summer, invest in the right concealed carrying equipment from Elite Survival Systems to ensure you have the highest quality equipment to keep your firearm safe and secure. The goal of carrying it in a hidden way is to be able to carry your weapon with you wherever you go so that you can face a threat if it occurs. If you plan your outfit around your firearm, you can dress in a way that's appropriate for summer and that allows you to hide your gun at the same time. So how can you hide it comfortably in summer? Unfortunately, criminals don't take summer off, so we must find ways to take advantage of it every season of the year. Clint's quote is very revealing, since it's important to understand that concealed bearing for a woman inevitably means making some physical adjustments and concessions.