Concealed Carry Attire: How to Ensure Your Firearm is Not Visible

Checking if someone recognizes that you are wearing concealed carry attire is a real concern. Learn how to select a cover for your firearm and wear comfortable clothing so that it is not visible while wearing concealed carry attire.

Concealed Carry Attire: How to Ensure Your Firearm is Not Visible

Checking if someone recognizes that you are wearing concealed carry attire is a real concern, but an obsession about it can cause unnecessary anxiety and fear. In Texas, it is legal to carry a firearm outside in most places where it is legal to hide it. There are signs that indicate if the establishment you are entering allows you to open, hide or both. I choose not to open carry for obvious reasons.

That said, I'm not too concerned with printing. Most other customers participate in whatever they're doing and live in white status anyway. To ensure that your firearm is not visible while wearing concealed carry attire, you must select a cover that allows you to place your shirt on it, or use an OWB cover. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing, that you can quickly access your firearm, and that you cover and conceal it properly and completely.

It is forbidden for a gun to be visible in some states, even the printing of a gun under clothing is not allowed. If you carry a gun in a legal but not permissive environment, disclosing that you are armed can have real consequences. The classic concealed carrying case is an unbuttoned flannel or denim shirt, with long or short sleeves, whichever you prefer, that can be worn without folds. The Clipdraw is an alternative to traditional concealed carrying cases because it attaches directly to the gun. If deep concealment is a priority along with the clothes you're going to wear, make sure to adjust your concealment.

If you tuck the shirt over the concealed carrying gun, the transparent cover will change, since you'll have to do a few things differently. If you decide that one of these types of covers and concealed methods of transportation is for you as the main or complementary method of transportation, you should understand what are the drawbacks of how to work with them. Many men would say that banning concealed carrying in the workplace is against the constitutional rights of American workers. But remember that part of concealed transport is concealment, so you have to pay some attention to concealed transport clothing. Equally worrisome are people who carry a concealed firearm but do not practice the practice of unsheathing their firearm. Of course, the best way to hide your gun will depend on what you're wearing and the type of firearm you're wearing.

Many people think that the only way to hide what they're wearing in their weekend clothes is to wear loose-fitting pants and a loose-fitting blouse. You should find out inside your house the right belt, undershirt, or type of clothing you'll be wearing long before taking your new concealed gun for a city trip. I produce the Concealed Carry podcast and coordinate the Concealed Carry Instructor Network, and I direct MJ Maruster Defense.