How to Choose the Right Colors for Concealed Carry Attire

When selecting colors for concealed carry attire, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Learn more about choosing colors for concealed carry attire here.

How to Choose the Right Colors for Concealed Carry Attire

When selecting colors for concealed carry attire, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind. Darker colors are better at masking the impression of the gun and holster, as they don't show as many shades. Light-colored fabrics can also show the darker outline of a firearm, so it's best to avoid them. Lightweight, loose-fitting fabrics can be easily printed, and some are so thin that they even show a visible outline of the firearm.

In summer, look for fabrics like linen or cotton that not only keep you cool, but can also hide your gun. The number of options and considerations can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Each cover has its strengths and limitations. Your body type, daily activities, and clothing choices will determine what will work best and which cover to choose.

The most common covers for carrying hidden objects are those that are placed on the waist or the OWB covers and the covers that are located inside the waist or IWB. When you think about wearing it concealed and having to add your concealed carrying configuration to your waist, traditional hidden carrying belts made of reinforced nylon straps, leather with a steel inner lining, or premium genuine leather can provide a bit of stretch and flexibility for comfort. Wearing a jacket as part of your concealed carry attire is a personal preference and a weather-based decision. Bandwidth covers for the navel or going with a company that makes leggings and specific running pants can make living a sports life very feasible.

Reviewing your closet and trying on different outfits can help you get a better idea of what works with your hidden object lifestyle and what doesn't. An undershirt also protects the skin from chafing caused by the gun or holster, making carrying a concealed weapon more comfortable. Most people think you need a bigger size to accommodate your hidden transport setup, but that's definitely debatable. Trousers with belt loops will be ideal for hidden wear because the cover will most likely work better with a belt. As you gain more experience and confidence in your own concealed transportation journey, you'll realize that proper concealment, when it comes to style, means striking the right balance between distracting the view of the passerby and, at the same time, reducing the impression (the visible outline of the firearm).