How to Wear Concealed Carry Attire for Maximum Discretion and Security

Discover how to wear concealed carry attire for maximum discretion & security with tips on selecting covers & clothing that fit your lifestyle & fashion taste.

How to Wear Concealed Carry Attire for Maximum Discretion and Security

In many cases, a blazer and a good holster are all you need to keep your gun discreet and out of sight. However, formal attire may require an IWB cover, even if your preference is OWB. First, you must select a cover that allows you to place your shirt on it, or you must use an OWB cover to avoid the problem. The latter case practically does not require any adjustment in the technique, since the folded shirt is not a problem.When it comes to concealed carry attire, it's important to remember that what works for one person may not work for another.

Experimenting at home with a mirror and various shirt styles can help you discover what works best for you. Loose-fitting shirts tend to be more effective than tight shirts, so try out t-shirts, dress shirts, and polos.Having a pair of quality concealed carrying leggings is especially useful if you often go out with leggings or work out outdoors or at a gym. Weapons designed specifically for hidden carry are usually smooth and stylized. But remember that part of hidden transport is concealment, so you have to pay some attention to hidden transport clothing.

If you tuck the shirt over the hidden carrying gun, the transparent cover will change, as you'll have to do a few things differently.Concealed carrying belts are safer than regular belts because they are designed to support the weight of the gun and make it easier to remove and re-sheathe it. There are a wide variety of hidden wallets and carrying bags, so if you're more comfortable not carrying your firearm, you're sure to find a bag that fits your lifestyle and fashion taste. Trousers with belt loops will be ideal for hidden wear because the cover will most likely work better with a belt. A good pair of concealed carrying leggings should protect the trigger, support you without falling or causing your firearm to fall, allow easy removal and recast, and be comfortable.Many people prefer to carry a pocket gun as a backup weapon or hide it, along with another concealed carrying method for the main weapon.

Wearing a jacket as part of your concealed carry attire is a personal preference and a weather-based decision. Alternative methods of transportation may also require some consideration for wearing concealed clothing, although, once again, it is often simple. The classic hidden carrying case is an unbuttoned flannel or denim shirt, with long or short sleeves, whichever you prefer, that is worn without folds.Once you know what weapon you're going to carry and where you're going to carry it, you're ready to plan an outfit that hides the gun and fits you well.