How to Dress for Concealed Carry: Tips for Selecting Accessories

Learn how to dress for concealed carry with tips on selecting accessories that will help you strike the right balance between distracting the view of passersby and reducing the impression of your firearm.

How to Dress for Concealed Carry: Tips for Selecting Accessories

Alternative methods of transportation may also require some consideration for wearing concealed clothing, although, once again, it is often simple. It's important to note that if the method of transportation is awkward or if you find it difficult to keep the firearm hidden, most of the time concealed carry licensors choose to leave their firearm at home. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the method of transportation and the clothing used to hide the firearm. Weapons designed specifically for concealed carry are typically smooth and stylized.

However, what you should know about concealed carrying clothing is how to hide your gun, the hidden carrying case, and other items from your EDC (Everyday Carry), how to cover if you have to draw, and how your clothes work in the system as a whole. For most people, a derringer is the only option for concealed carry due to its small size. However, it takes several seconds to take advantage of it, making it an alternative option rather than the main method of transportation. Because of the drawbacks of hiding and the need to adopt trained habits, shoulder covers are often best for people such as detectives and security guards in plain clothes who are discreet but don't need to effectively disguise the fact that they carry a gun and tend to have more firearms training than the average civilian.

When it comes to style, proper concealment means striking the right balance between distracting the view of the passerby and reducing the impression (the visible outline of the firearm). Wearing concealed clothing is easier in pants, but that doesn't mean it's not easy in other clothing styles as well. Reviewing your closet and trying on different outfits can help you get a better idea of what works with your hidden object lifestyle and what doesn't. Natural fabrics are comfortable and will help you dress for hidden wear more easily.

Below you will find several styles of shirts that will work for wearing them hidden. If you're carrying an IWB gun or in a pocket case while you're in business clothes, you might want to consider carrying a gun with a smaller size to hide it more easily. Ultimately, when you wear it concealed while you're stylishly dressed, it all comes down to what you prefer and what meets your needs. There are ways to make dressing for hidden wear easier, such as considering the weight and fabric type of clothing you choose.

Many people prefer to carry a pocket gun as a backup weapon or hide it, along with another concealed carrying method for their main weapon.