The Definitive Guide to Concealed Carry Attire

When it comes to selecting clothing for concealed carry there are several factors to consider. Learn tips & advice on how to select clothing items for concealed carry.

The Definitive Guide to Concealed Carry Attire

The classic concealed carrying case is an unbuttoned flannel or denim shirt, with long or short sleeves, whichever you prefer, that is worn without folds. This is when strategic layers come into play. Instead of just grabbing your sweatshirt, there are ways to improve your look. A lightweight vest, blazer, or cardigan are great options for a perfect look.

You can place those easy-to-wear (and warm) clothes on any top of your closet. That way, when you need to put on that final layer, you won't feel like a stuffed sausage. One step in the typical process of getting out of the dark is to clean the cover shirt so that you can access your gun. Formal button-down shirts are inherently tighter and less elastic than a t-shirt, factors that can also hinder a clean tie.

When looking for clothes to wear in a concealed way, start with darker colors and thicker cotton, if possible. These tend to reduce the impression of the gun. As you gain more experience and confidence in your own concealed transportation journey, you'll realize that proper concealment, when it comes to style, means striking the right balance between distracting the view of the passerby and, at the same time, reducing the impression (the visible outline of the firearm). You'll find yourself constantly pulling up your pants, restless, and making adjustments that won't help increase your confidence when carrying hidden objects. Most people think you need a bigger size to accommodate your concealed transport setup, but that's definitely debatable.

Whether you choose to wear it with or without a belt, your concealed carrying system is attached to your pants so that it's not something you overlook. And then there are the leggings, skirts and other sports garments hidden with the cover built into the waist. All of these belts are designed to meet concealed carrying needs, providing a rigid style that helps keep the cover in place and prevents it from falling. Many women think that when they decide to start wearing concealed clothes it means that they have to buy a completely new wardrobe, change the size of all their clothes or just put on an inelegant cape and they will be ready to wear. In this definitive guide, you'll find tips and advice on concealed carry clothing so you know how to select the right shirt, pants, and outerwear styles so you can dress and wear it with confidence.

Usually, the phrase is a way of saying that in order to properly hide the transport, you must buy a completely new closet dedicated to hiding your weapon. You can wear concealed casual clothes for a fairly casual style, such as Dirty Harry, Miami Vice or Steve McQueen in Bullitt, all of which have police officers sheathed on their shoulders with elegant jackets and shirts. All of these types of natural fabrics have their own type of structure (weight) that works well when worn in a concealed way. Traditional concealed carrying belts are made of reinforced nylon straps, leather with a steel inner lining, or premium genuine leather. Of course, that means that less clothing, lighter fabrics, and carrying concealed objects starts to get a little more difficult.

Some will say that you need to have a belt made specifically to be worn in a concealed way, but with the recent innovations of clips for beltless covers (UltiClip, Fabriclip, Discreet Carry Concepts), you now have some options so that you can go without a belt if you want to. The base of a good concealed carrying shirt is one that hides your firearm, minimizes the impression and allows easy access. When it comes to selecting clothing for concealed carry, there are several factors to consider. It's important to choose clothing items that are comfortable and fit properly while also providing adequate coverage for your firearm. Additionally, it's important to select clothing items that are stylish and appropriate for any occasion.

Here are some tips for selecting clothing items for concealed carry:

  • Choose Darker Colors: Darker colors tend to be more effective at concealing firearms than lighter colors.
  • Choose Natural Fabrics: Natural fabrics such as cotton or wool tend to be more effective at concealing firearms than synthetic fabrics.
  • Choose Fitted Clothing: Fitted clothing tends to be more effective at concealing firearms than loose-fitting clothing.
  • Choose Appropriate Styles: Choose clothing styles that are appropriate for any occasion.
When selecting clothing items for concealed carry, it's important to consider comfort and fit as well as style and coverage. By following these tips for selecting clothing items for concealed carry, you can ensure that your firearm is adequately concealed while still looking stylish and appropriate for any occasion.